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HROB 2090- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 28 pages long!)

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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
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HROB 2090
Thomas Sasso

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[HROB 2090] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Chapter 1: Organizational Behaviour and Management WHAT ARE ORGANIZATIONS? Social Inventions • When we say that organizations are social inventions, we mean that their essential characteristic is the coordinated presence of people, not necessarily thing • Also, many service organizations, such as consulting firms, have little physical. Still, these organizations have people – people who present both opportunities and challenges. The field of organizational behaviour is about understanding people and managing them to work effectively Goal Accomplishment • The field of organizational behaviour is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt to change. Certain behaviours are necessary for survival and adaptation. People have to: o be motivated to join and remain in the organization; o carry out their basic work reliability, in terms of productivity, quality, and service; o be willing to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills; and o be flexible and innovative • Innovation and flexibility, which foster adaptation to change, are especially important for contemporary organizations Group Effort • The field of organizational behaviour is concerned with how to get people to practice effective teamwork WHAT IS ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR? • Organizational Behaviour refers to the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations • Those who study organizational behaviour are interested in attitudes – how satisfied people are with their jobs, how committed they feel to the goals of the organizations, or how supportive they are of promoting women or minorities into management positions • Human resources management refers to programs, practices, and systems to acquire, develop, motivate, and retain employees in organizations. You are probably familiar with many human resource practices such as requirement and selection, compensation, and training and development WHY STUDY ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR? Organizational Behaviour Is Important • What happens in organizations often has a profound impact on people. The impact of organizational behaviour does not stop at the walls of the organization. The consumers of a▯ orga▯izatio▯’s produ▯ts a▯d ser▯i▯es, su▯h as the ▯usto▯ers ▯ho pur▯hase Vega’s products, are also affected. Thus, organizatio9nal behaviour is important to managers, find more resources at
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