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HROB 2090 Midterm: Part 5-PLP

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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
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HROB 2090
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Part 5-PLP
Addressing Task and/or Relationship
Both components tasks and relationships are both factors that are necessitates when
involved in a leadership role or included in a work place environment. The process of
communicating and negotiating tasks as well as discovering a balanced effective relationship
with the people you are working with Is extremely important for me as a future leader to
master. When reflecting on how exactly I negotiate tasks and relationship in leadership
situations I believe communicating tasks is what I strive at. I am an effective communicator in
terms of addressing the tasks, and how exactly the most effective method to implement and
complete the tasks successfully. I believe I am an extremely task orientated individual that
when involved in a situation where I need to communicate a duty to another peer. I posses a
very direct personality type, and in terms of negotiating the task component in a leadership
role I believe that is a personal strength. In a work environment I posses a goal driven
mentality, therefore the task itself or negotiating is not something that I view as a struggle. As a
leader I look to other methods that I can communicate in a way that institutes the drive to work
hard, and complete tasks effectively. In previous leadership situations when delegating tasks
needs to be achieved I focused on first forming relationships with others, taking the time to
build a mutual respect for one another. This to me has proven most effective, once there is a
mutual respect I believe it promotes efficient task completion and provides others with an
enhanced work based incentive. This type of negotiation influences me as a leader because of
the results. As a leader I enjoy building relationships with others, completing tasks together as a
team, and with building respect among the workplace promotes successful results. With these
positive successful results, it influences me as a leader to continue on with choosing the
leadership role among organizations or everyday group scenarios. The drive it provides me with
leads me in the natural direction of a leadership role, and with this comes with the incentive to
continue on and pushing myself as an individual to continue to learn and take note of new and
innovative methods of discovering an effective balance between task and relationship.
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