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HROB 2090- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 53 pages long!)

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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
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HROB 2090

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[HROB 2090] Comprehensive winter guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Unit 01: Introduction Textbook Reading: Chapter 01 Instructors Notes: What is Organizational Behaviour (OB)? - Because OB is made of contributions from various fields of study, organizational behavior is rish with perspective - the field of OB has 3 levels of analysis, individuals, groups and entire organizations. - these levels are all connected somewhat, higher levels encompass lower levels. At the Individual level OB examines things like personality, attitudes, perception and motivation At the group level behaviour in a group is not only the sum of the individuals behaviour’s, as people behave differently when in a group. It is important to understand the team processes such as communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and cooperation. At the Organization level OB researchers study the topics such as organizational structure, organizational change and organizational culture. Goal of OB – help organizations become more effective. Specifically: - increase productivity - increase employee job satisfaction - increase organizational commitment - reduce absenteeism - reduce turnover Making Sense of Behaviour - the only way to get a grip on explaining human behaviour is through systematic study, meaning examining relationships, attempting to attribute cause and effect and drawing conclusions based on scientific evidence. - assumptions that guide us in this study: - behaviour is not random, meaning people behave in a manner that will help them satisfy their own needs / goals - there are some fundamental consistencies underlying all behaviour, knowing these helps to predict behaviour. (ex: when driving you assume the behaviour of other drivers - there are individual differences in behaviour as well, such as in a club, most people may get up and dance, but an introvert might not - situational constraints may also influence the accuracy of predictions on behaviour, constraints such as an extrovert not dancing at the club because they are sad that night The point here is that systematic study might be based on a few assumptions about fundamental consistencies of human behavior and written or unwritten rules of conduct, however, in order to make highly accurate predictions, we must also consider individual differences and situational constraints.* find more resources at
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