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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

Impact of Culture Strategy StructurePerceptual errors Section 1 PG 6 Primacy RecencyImplicit Personality Theories Selective PerceptionHalo Effect Contrast Effect Projection ErrorStereotypingPrejudice Similartomeeffect Attributional errors Section 1 PG 5 Attribution Ques DistinctivenessConsensus ConsistencyAttribution BiasesFundamental attribution error SelfServing BiasImportance of individual difference personality Section 1 PG 6 people differ on things such as education history stage in life affecting how people behave at workhow their motivatedCommitment normative affective continuance Section 1 PG 14 Affective commitment individuals relationship with the organizationNormative commitmentobligation individual feels to staying with organization Continuance commitment individuals calculation that its in their best interest to stay with the organization based on perceived costs of leaving the organizationFairness procedural distributive interactional Section 1 PG 14 Procedural Fairness
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