HROB 3030 Midterm: HROB 3030 MIDTERM

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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3030
Rhonda Gordon

HROB 3030 MIDTERM Chapter 17 Chapter 1 Introduction Workplace injuries More than half workplace fatalities are from occupation diseases OHS Hazards range from chemical, biological and physical agents to psychological disorders such as stress Goal is to reduceeliminate occupational injury and illness Occupational illness any abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment Losttime injury workplace injury that results in EE missing time from work Late 19 century Ontario established safety standards Early 20 century Canada passed factory laws Royal commission of HS created the 3 rights of workers in 1974 Right to know Right to participate Right to refuse 1988 WHMIS legislation passed Before this it was mainly an assumption of risk Importance of OHS Economic considerations o Workrelated injury costs are direct and indirect o Indirect costs work stoppages, strikes, reduced productivity, etc. Legal considerations o Due diligence every reasonable precaution Moral considerations o Mgmt. commitment to health and safety of workers = higher motivation of EEs to work safe Stakeholders: Government o Workers compensation passed in 1914 compensation and accident prevention o Canadian centre for occupational health and safety (CCOHS) Employers o Provide and protect Employees o Abide and comply Organized Labour o Inform and regulate Barriers to OHS programs: Managers may not recognize unsafe conditions, or feel unable to do anything about those they do identify ERs more concerned with production quotas than with safety records ERs may clean up just before safety inspection
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