MBG 2040 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Thoracic Duct, Trypsin, Glycogen

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The state of being full and absence of hunger. Acid and peptic enzymes (pepsin) start to break down large food molecules (especially carbohydrates and proteins) The feeling of being full (satiety) is caused by mainly fats, which slow down the rate of stomach emptying, and fibres, which increase stomach and si content viscosity. Carbs are broken down quickly: describe the roles of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidney as they relate to digestion and assimilation, lipids and sugars are absorbed differently by the body. Lipids are not water soluble but sugars are. So water soluble molecules are taken to liver by blood vessels. The lymphatic system takes the lipid soluble molecules from gi through the thoracic duct to the blood stream: describe the fate of lipids, sugars and amino acids after ingestion. Amino acids- proteins, store as fat or energy, excreted as ammonia or urea.