MCS 2020 Study Guide - Executive Information System, Management Information System, Attention Economy

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
Chapter 01 – The Information Age
Textbook Readings
oApology to the Reader (p. xiii – xiv)
oInstructions for Use (p. xvii – xviii)
o1.1: Welcome
o1.2: Information as Commodity
o1.3: Information Overload
o1.4: The Attention Economy
o1.5: Learning the (Digital) Economy
Learning Objectives
oAcknowledge the three key components of any information
system: information, technology and people
oUnderstand how various departments create, organize, store,
retrieve, and share information within an organization
oIdentify key information roles within an organization (e.g. CIO,
oExplain how information is like (and is not like) a commodity
oRecognize the factors that contribute to information overload
(and strategies for combating it)
oUnderstand the basic tenets of the attention economy thesis
oDiscuss the validity of the digital native/digital immigrant
Key Terms
oReverse engineering
oRequest for Tender / Request for Proposals
oChief Information Officer
oChief Knowledge Officer
oChief Security Officer
oChief Technology Officer
oChief Privacy Officer
oCommoditization of Information
oInformation Economy
oAttention Economy
o(Lack of) Information scarcity
oInformation overload
oDigital natives
oDigital immigrants
oJust in time learning vs. Just in case learning
oAccess management
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oPattern recognition
oDemographic data/ marketing
oIntellectual Property
oCopyrights & Trademarks
oElectronic Commerce
oTechnology Trends
Sales and Marketing
Selling goods and services
Customer management
Lead tracking
Sales forecasting
Promotion of goods and services
Special events
Campaign management
Public Relations (PR)
oRepresents the company to the public
Customer service
Complaint management (external)
Media relations
Press releases
Accounting & Finance
Quantitative financial information
General ledger
Cash management
Strategic financial issues
Business analysis
Financial reporting
Human Resource
oManagement of employees:
Development and training
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Complain management (internal)
Strategic personnel planning
Operations Management
oOperations Management
Concerned with the production of goods and services
Inventory management
Quality management
Delivery of goods
Supply chain management
Fleet maintenance
oPurchasing (or Procurement)
Acquiring goods for production
Suppliers relations
Requests for tender/requests for proposal
Testing assessment
Research & Development (R &D)
oDeveloping new goods and services for the market
Managing intellectual property
Product testing
Reverse engineering
Management Information Systems
oInformation technology
Maintains vital information infrastructure
Access management
Data preservation
Data maintenance
Hardware & software acquisition
Technical support
Key Information Personnel
oCIO – Chief Information Officer
Oversees I.T. across the organization
Aligns I.T. goals with strategic plan
oCTO – Chief Technology Officer
Ensures efficiency of the technology
May lead the R&D efforts in hi-tech firms
oCSO – Chief Security Officer
Secures I.T. systems and networks
Guards again hackers
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Document Summary

Privacy: database, pattern recognition, demographic data/ marketing, intellectual property, copyrights & trademarks, electronic commerce, technology trends. Information and management: sales and marketing, sales, marketing. Selling goods and services: customer management, lead tracking, sales forecasting. Promotion of goods and services: advertising, special events, campaign management, public relations (pr, represents the company to the public. Press releases: accounting & finance, accounting. Quantitative financial information: budgeting, general ledger, cash management, finance. Investments: business analysis, financial reporting, human resource, management of employees: Strategic personnel planning: operations management, operations management. Concerned with the production of goods and services. Delivery of goods: supply chain management, fleet maintenance, purchasing (or procurement) Acquiring goods for production: suppliers relations, requests for tender/requests for proposal, testing assessment, research & development (r &d, developing new goods and services for the market. Research: management information systems, information technology. Maintains vital information infrastructure: access management, data preservation, data maintenance, hardware & software acquisition, training, technical support, key information personnel, cio chief information officer.

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