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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Lianne Foti

MARKETING FINAL EXAM NOTESList of Topics7 Ps of serviceBrand EquityCompetitionbased pricing servicesConsumer buyer behaviorConsumer surplusConsumerismConventional distribution channel vs vertical marketing systemCore productSupplementary services flower of serviceCriticisms of marketingCRM Customer Relationship Management StrategiesCycle of failure mediocrity successDemand management approachesDemand Management StrategiesDifferentiation StrategiesDimensions of service qualityDistribution channel conflictEnvironmentalismEstablishing service levelsFour categories of serviceFour service focus strategiesFront and back stage personnelGaps in service design and deliveryGeneral Pricing ApproachesGood vs ServiceHigh vs Low involvement productsImportant vs determinant attributesJack Trouts four principles of positioningMarketing communications mixMarketing conceptsMarketing EnvironmentMarketing IntelligenceMarketing MixMarketing ResearchMarketingDistribution channelsMaslows Hierarchy of NeedsNeedsWantsDemandsNew product DevelopmentwwwuofgexamnetworkcomLECTURE 1MARKETING INVOLVESconsumersgovernmentadvertisersproducersmanufacturersWHAT CAN YOU MARKETeverything but airWHAT CAN WE CONTORL IN MARKETINGtarget marketavailabilitysupplydemandproductWHERE CAN YOU MARKETinternetside of busesstocksmagazinespostersTvnewspapersWHAT IS MARKETINGconceptionwwwuofgexamnetworkcompricingpromotiondistribution of ideas goods and servicesto create exchanges that satisfy individualSOME EXAMPLES OF MARKETINGproductservicespricingpromotiondistributionConcept of life luxury clothes carsLECTURE 1Who are the expertsConsumersExposure to messages tactics programsWhat is marketingAttracting new customers by promising and delivering superior valueBuilding longterm relationships with customers by delivering continued customer satisfactionCreating building and managing these relationships profitably over timeThe Marketing Process fig 111Understand the marketplace and customer needs and wants2Design a customer driven marketing strategy3Construct a marketing program that deliver superior valuewwwuofgexamnetworkcom
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