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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

Unit 5 Key terms and conceptsBirth of the Network History Behind Internet Chapt 5 Vannevar Bush and the Memex Pg 86Memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books records and communication and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibilityA repository for key pieces of info but organized so you can easily retrieve info Ted Nelson and hypertext Pg 86Working on the belief that every document was a footnote to another documentHypertexta protocol that enabled users to jump from one document to another Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA Page 87Formed by the US in response to the USSR launching a manmade satellite into spaceARPA did research into networking intending to create a robust communications network so ARPA researchers could collaborate and share resources more efficientlyDeveloped a reliable network ARPANET used packet switching decentralized design and a weblike structure National Science Foundation NSF Page 871984 built highspeed network to connect its research centers mainly interested in using the network for researchMerged with ARPA and replaced ARPANET with NSFNET Tim BernersLee and the World Wide Web wwwFrustrated with text only nature of the web developed world wide webProvided more tools for organizing and presenting info improved access to multimedia data and linked content sites around the globeHow The Internet Works Pg 88 Packet switchingInformation transferBreaks info into small pieces called packets and ships them along different communication paths to their destination Pervasive computingubiquitous computing ProtocolA shared set of rules and procedures TCPIP pg 89Transmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol provided instructions to computers for transmitting and transferring infoTCPmanages disassembling and reassembling packets IPestablishes the connection between computers Uniform Resource Locator URLProvides a name for a website so it is easier for people to remembereg wwwFacebookcom Internet Protocol IP addressSet of numbers which corresponds to a webpage 4 sets of numbers separated by periods Domain Name SystemMakes browsing easier by matching IP addresses to their more familiar text equivelents aka URL
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