Unit 1

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

UNIT 01 THE INFO AGE Access management Reverse engineering Request for TenderRequest for Proposals CIOChief Information OfficerThis is an executive position that involves strategic planning and management of technology The main goal here is to align information technology use and planning with the organizations overall objectives In other words this person is the bridge connecting business and technology forces within the organizationCTOChief Technology OfficerThis person is responsible for the performance and reliability of technology hardware and software within the organization The primary concern for the CTO is to make sure that all systems are performing efficientlyservers and systems should be fully operational and fully functioning In hightech organizations the CTO may have less to do with the information infrastructure and more to do with overseeing the development of new technologies As such they may be heavily involved in the organizations ResearchDevelopment activitiesCSOChief Security OfficerThis person is responsible for ensuring the security of the companys information technology infrastructure and information assets The CSO implements policies procedures and safeguards to combat external threats hackers malware and internal threats unauthorized access by employeesCPOChief Privacy OfficerThis person ensures that the company collects and uses information in an ethical and legal manner Typically CPOs are trained as lawyers
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