Unit 2

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

UNIT 2 Learning Objectives y Differentiate between symbols data information knowledge and wisdomy Compare and contrast different definitions for informationy Explain the process of understandingy Describe how information is transferred between sender and receivery Acknowledge the effect of noise on signal transmission and message communicationy Distinguish between explicit and implicit messagesy Recognize the importance of context when interpreting informationy Identify the reservoirs in which knowledge resides in organizationsy Define the fundamental components and functions of databasesy Understand data relationships and other considerations related to database designSymbols y Provide the absolute foundation of our ability to create transmit and receive information y They can beo simple letters of the alphabet o complex elements of a schematic diagram o controversial political iconography like the Nazi swastika o innocuous telephone symboly Business context corporate logos might be considered symbols because you cant really speak a logo you can say Yahoo but you cant say it in a way that duplicates the companys trademarked purple font and exclamation point Data y Data doesnt necessarily have to be written down y Data can exist in any form of observation Information vs Information Record y Information refers to the content or message eg the content in the textbookrefers to the carrier or container of that message eg the physical y Information recordbook itselfy Information can be given away and retained at the same time while the container either be kept or given awayy The line between information and the information record is beginning to blur Example the container of an MP3 song would be the digital codebut in the digital world you can give this container to your friend and keep it for yourself Knowledge y It is deterministic process y Everything we know is determined by occurrences that happened before and those events led to a particular insight
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