Unit 3

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

Unit 03 The Information EnvironmentComputer Hardware in Plain English VideoThis video focuses on the basic parts of computers Familiar with computers hard drive random Access Memory RAM and the processor CPUHARD DRIVE where you keep all the things you want to use later bigger the hard drive more place ex Basement storageRAM it makes info easier for the computer to access makes computer faster gets cleaned out every time you restart your computer ex Closet on main floor for quick access PROCESSOR making sure all things run smoothly sends and receives info receives tasks puts software to work Ex Butler completing tasks and making sure things work together2 kinds of softwareOperating system BASICS saving files using mouse fixing problems covers basics comes with all new computers do a lot of the same thing windows Mac What happens when you run a software program PERSONAL to make more useful edit photo add program for photos easy to add software programs once its on easy as clicking icon Software is a set of instructions tells computer exactly what to do computer goes to work till program is ready to use different and unique to them Software translator becomes more alive easy to use built for peopleCell phones cars cameras have software that brings them to life Grouping technology into two basic categoriesDisruptive improves products or services in radical ways Often unanticipated by the market At first they are inferior to more mature technology preffered in the market and are not immediately adopted however as technolog impvoes significantly they overtake the old
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