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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3040
Joseph Radocchia

CHAPTER 22 – Professional Services Relationships and Obligations Professional - Someone engaged in occupation, usually governed by a professional body, requiring the exercise of specialized knowledge, education, and skill Ethical Obligation – Professionals’ ethical obligations are especially important to employers Hiring Professional In-House - Deciding whether or not to acquire professional services on a contract basis from outside firms or to hire full time professionals as employees is difficult Responsibilities of Professionals to Clients and Others who Rely on their Work Professionals owe a range of responsibilities to their clients: 1. Responsibilities in Contract - in the contract it lays out, the nature of the service provided, the timeliness of the delivery of the service, and the way in which fees for service will be billed are established by the terms of the contract between the professional and the client Retainers - advance payment requested by professional from client to fund services to be provided to the client 2. Responsibilities in Tort – the professional can be responsible for a range of torts and negligence is the most common. They must perform services in accordance with the standards of a reasonably competent member of that profession. The basic elements of a negligence action must be present: • Owes a duty of Care • Breach
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