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University of Guelph
Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 2040
D Mosser

MBG 2040 Review Package A few notes about this packageIt is NOT a complete study guide Im merely giving you guys some review of the key concepts as well as pointing out some things to watch for common mistakes etc It is meant to help you in conjunction with your lecture notes and the textbook This is the type of thing I would present in a review tutorialAll the figures in these notes are right out of your lecture slides I may have added text to them or changed them a tiny bit but for the most part they are the same Keep in mind that I have not seen your final exam and I do not know what will be on it for certain these are the concepts I would focus on if I were writing your final but Im notStudy lots This will be a tough exam Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this package or any other specific questions but email me early Emailing me the day before your exam might not get you a response in time PUT MBG 2040 QUESTION in the subject of your email Ill read it as a priority that wayGood luck Pyrimidines One ringUracil Cytosine Thymine Purines Two ringsAdenine Guanine 5 A nucleotide with the 1 4 Forms covalent carbons labelled phosphodiester bond between adjacent The 2 carbon is attached to an H only 3 2 nucleotidesin DNA ie the sugar is deoxyribose Strong acid group represents and is attached to a hydroxyl OH major chargeat biological group in RNA ie the sugar is ribose neutral pH ranges 1In this diagram there should be a free phosphate group on the 5 end ie the top of this diagram and there should be a free OH group on the 3 end of this molecule ie on the bottom of this diagram 2
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