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Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 2040
Tara Abraham

CrimeandCriminalJusticeLecture3Explaining Crime TheoryTheoryexplaining crimeoConcepts help to symbolize in a certain way aspects of realityoVariablesindependentpredictor or explanatory variables influences dependent variabledependentoutcome or response variableoHypothesis relationship between variablesIndividualistic Theories of Criminal behavior1NonScientificaMythslegendsreligion moral tales how to behave how to participate in societybContemporarystill used urban legendscDemonic perspectivepeople who were bad were seen as possessed reason for committing crime exorcismdWitch crazewomen possessed by demons use magic against people agents of the devil thousands to millions of deathseModern witch huntspeople or groups who are badwho need to be punished2Classical SchoolaBeccariaBentham Enlightenmentset up philosophical ideas of why crime occurs and punishmentsiHedonismpeople seek pleasure and avoid pain calculate riskiiFree willnot being tempted by an evil forceiiiSocial contractgive up hedonism so that we can have social order get along without living in harm or fear of harm or fear of deathivPunishmentjustified as a means of transforming hedonistic calculator creating risk for certain behaviorsvUtilitarianismthe greatest good for the greatest numberPunishment
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