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Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 2040
Tara Abraham

Lecture4CrimeandCriminalJusticeSocial Structural Theories of CrimeChicago school human ecology modelbased on borrowing biological sciencesoBiology invasiondominance when species become compatible with each other what effects can happenoUrbancitysee effects on people behaviorcrimeZone 1business core loop most expensiveZone 2transition business will push out of the loop inner cityZone 3working class residential zone residential migrated out of zone 2Zone 4middle class residential suburbs single family homes small businessesZone 5commuter zone most affluent populationSocial DisorganizationShawMcKayoTook out mapped zone of city and associated it with crimeoMost crime took place in Zone 2 part of the social dynamic that take place influx of new people moving inout of area social control social bonds are weaker more likely to have illegal conduct occur more crime in an increase of social disorganizationoAs you move out zonewise there is less crimePoliciesoMore police in crime high zonesoCommunitytrying to build ways to improve the community relations organization providing more stability for the people who live in that areaoOrganizationstores and the people encourage more social organization related to improve schools and education in the areaoQuality of liferecreation centers other social service centersCriticisms
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