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University of Guelph
Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 3080

Sample questions for MT-2, Fall/2012 1. Describe the role of the following components in ColE1 biology. a) Rop b) RNAI c) RNAII 2. You have been given a strain of E. coli carrying a mutation in the lexA gene. What will the relative mutation rate of this strain be compared to a wild type E. coli strain? How will this strain survive UV irradiation compared to the wild type strain? 3. A lacZ- mutant was recovered at a frequency of approximately 10 . The mutant also acquired resistance to ampicillin simultaneously. You suspected that it might have been caused by the integration of a Tn3 into the lacZ gene. You have obtained the nucleotide sequence of the mutated lacZ gene for comparison with the wild-type lacZ sequence. Describe three characteristics of the sequences that support the hypothesis of Tn3 insertion into the lacZ gene. R 4. A Tet plasmid carries a temperature sensitive mutation in its origin of replication and cannot replicate at 42 C. This plasmid was introduced into Tet E. coli cells to produce R
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