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University of Guelph
Molecular and Cellular Biology
MCB 2050
Ray Lu

MCB 2050 Midterm exam outline Winter 2013 (RAY LU) Multiple choice: 19 marks Short answer: 18 marks  Southern blotting can be used to determine if a genomic DNA clone has a particular STS  Ori is a common feature of all cloning vectors  DNA palindrome 5’ AATGCCGGCATT 3’ 3’ TTACGGCCGTAA 5’  DNA ligase joins the ends of two DNA fragments  DNA polymerase is required in sanger’s DNA sequencing reaction  cDNA is produced with reverse transcriptase  Contigs are overlapping genomic DNA clones  HAT complex is involved in chromosome remodeling  DNA microarray technology for transcription profiling Hybridize fluorescently labeled cDNA sample to DNA probes on the array  Luman is activated by proteolytic cleavage and regulated by post-translational regulation  miRNA’s usually result in the repression of translation of the target mRNA  according to the human Genome project the percent of human genome containing exons that code for proteins is 1%  Transcription of a gene, splicing of an RNA molecule, migration of an mRNA molecule into the cytoplasm, polypeptide synthesis, degradation of an mRNA molecule  Zn finger domains are DNA binding domains  SNP’s on a chromosome segment are inherited together and define genetic unit is called haplotype  Chimeras are animals that have two types of cells that have sontributed to the formation of adult tissue  Gene imprinting primarily caused by DNA methylation  Know the difference between a promoter and enhancer and things like orientation dependent/ independent, location in the gene, its effect on expression  Two techniques to test for expression of a gene are: o northern blotting: isolate RNA, perform gel electrophoresis and transfer RNA in gel to a membrane. Hybridize the membrane with a radioactively or fluorescently labeled gene probe o RT- PCR : Reversely trans
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