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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

UNIT 11 Chapter 16New Idioms p 439448 Fusion is all music situated on the boundary between jazz and pop 3 schools of music were emerging in the Swing era rhythmblues mainstream pop vocals and Latin jazz In the 1940s an offshoot of swing music called jump music was made popular by Louis Jordan later this type of music is known as RB rhythmblues The lyrics in this type of music might be risqu satirical serious or socially relevant but always marked with a humorous attitudeLouis Jordan was an alto saxophonist signer and songwriter as well as an influential bandleadero In 1938 he organized a band called Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five o Band was made up of 2 saxophonists 1 trumpet player a threeman rhythm section o The band achieved great commercial success o His music derived much of its appeal and humor from Southern black culture o His music humanized blacks and depicted them as no more or lesser than anyone else Ray Charles was a blind signer and pianist he singlehandedly represented a fusion between swing bop RB gospel and rock o Struggled as a musician for several years before he turned to his gospel rootso Born into an impoverished family and orphaned at 14 years old o Left school and tried to earn a living in jazz and hillbilly bands o Made his first record in Seattle o He placed a few hits on the RB charts o He perfected an original style that combined blues advanced bebop harmonies and gospel o Signed with Atlantic Records in 1952 o Nickname the Genius Ray Charles Soul Jazz new school of jazz o Employed a strong backbeat an aggressive urban sound and gospeltype chords
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