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University of Guelph
MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Unit 8 Jazz History  Cool jazz born out of bebop in 1950”s, associated with white musicians  Lennie Tristano o Approach to jazz reflected schooling in European classics o Blind since childhood o Style is difficult and intellectualized o Played piano professionally at 12 years o Seeked more control and replaced his drummer with taped percussion tapes (this is later seen in the 1980’s  Todd Dameron o Limited keyboard technique o Swing background o Style lyrical melodies and breezy rhythms’ o Rarely improvised solo’s o Played arrangers piano which makes the accompanying chords itself  Royal Roost a Broadway restaurant  Miles davis o Band: Miles Davis Nonet  Bass heavy instrumentation  Mulligan (baritone) did most of the writing  9 Peices  John lewis piano, Lee konitz( alto sax) and Gerry mulligan (baritone sax),Miles davis(Trumpet), Gunther schuller ( French horn), Bill barber (tuba), Al Mckibbon (bass), Max Roach (drums)  Favoured the middle range with middle dynamics, economical phrasing and plenty of rests  2 week engagement at Royal Roost ( only live ever played)  Sign above the door and never had an arranger/composer (Gerry Mulligans) gotten so much credit  Inter racial and pan generational  Encouraged frequent discuassion, organized rehersals  Gils Pad was Gil Evans basement apartment became meeting place for musicians to nap, converse, drink, left the door unlocked  Moon dreams : birth of cool album Nonet 1950 o Contrapuntal – composition using polyphonic texture ( more than one melodic line)  Piano less quartet was together for only 1 year but influence lasting, mulligan lead and recorded own 4 piece, Baritone mulligan, trumpet, bass, drums  John lewis and the modern Jazz quartet o Cooperative- each member had duties o Lasted more than 40 years with only 1 change in personal, longest running qroup in jazz o Pianist (john lewis), Vibrophonist, bassist, d
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