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Listening test 2 World Music

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2270
Saba Safdar

Chahar Mezrab in Mahour (Excerpt) Origin – Iran Recorded by – Bruno Nettl, 1969 Instrumental artist - Faromarz Payvar. Santoor – A wooden instrument with strings attached stretched out from one side to the other with pegs and tuning nobs. Rather than the strings being plucked, the instrumentalist will hit the strings with small curved sticks (like hammers) to produce the music. - “Chahar Mezrab” means “four picks” or “four hammers”. This is possibly because it is so fast that it sounds as if there are four hands taking part in the instrument. - The Chahar Mezrab is a virtuosic composed, metric solo piece of Persian classical music. Chanting Of The Holy Qur’an Qur’an – Holy book of Islam - When musical pieces are inclusive of the reading of the Qur’an they are always recited. This allows the text to be the most important element of the piece and enables the audience to focus on the lyrics. - The piece is performed without instruments and uses many breaks in order to highlight each phrase. Illustrations Of Major Maqams Performed by A. Jihad Racy on Bouzouq and Nei. Bouzouq, heard until 4:00 - A long neck, tear-shaped body, stringed instrument that is plucked much like a guitar. Nei – A long wooden instrument played much like a flute or recorder that has many holes along the side and is played with one’s breath. - A Maqam is a unit that has a particular scale. In this specific piece the music is separated into multiple “Maqams” That are played for 2-3 sections. - Each Maqam has it’s own specific name and rules that follow
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