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MUSC 2150 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Kerchief, Fats Domino, Alternate Bass

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter
Study Guide

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Music 2150 Textbook notes
Rocket 88 Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats
Recorded in Memphis
Considered to be the first rock and roll song
Simple verse form
Repeats a single section of music 8 times and each section is either labeled verse or
instrumental verse
o Except for verse 2, which slightly alters the structure found in all the other
Simple verse form is common in rock and roll music
First instrumental verse is 12 mm (12 measures)
Second verse is only 8 measures in length
Instrumentation: piano, drums, saxophones, solo vocals, distorted electric guitar playing
a repeated boogie-woogie pattern
Quadruple compound time
12-bar-blues structure
The 12 bar blues and the Doo-Wop Progression
12 bar blues consists of 12 groups of 4 beat-measures and is distinctive because of the
way its measures fall into 3 groups of 4
The Chords “h-Boo
simple verse form with several interludes and a bridge
time signature: 4/4 (quadruple simple)
instrumentation: electric guitar, bass, piano, drums, saxophone, solo vocals, lead vocals
Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Presley
simple verse form
time signature: 12/8 (shuffle in four); quadruple compound
instrumentation: electric guitar, piano, acoustic bass, drums, and lead vocals
associated with mainstream pop before the birth of rock and roll
most common formal patterns in Tin Pan Alley songs
use this designation to show that the first 8-bar phrase and the second 8-bar phrase are
similar, the third is different, and the fourth is similar to the first and second
e.g. over the rainbow, all or nothing at all, , hey good lookin, blueberry hill
when the entire AABA form is repeated its called a full reprise but when only part of it is
repeated its called a partial reprise
Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis
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