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MUSC 2150 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Carter Family, Simple Verse, Mary Ford

Course Code
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter
Study Guide

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Music and Popular Culture Listening Quiz 1
1) Name the song
2) Name the artist
3) Discuss the genre/style of song
4) Meter & rhythm
5) Instrumentation
6) Musical form
7) Song features
Unit 2: Dominant Culture vs. Underground Cultures
Mainstream Popular Music:
1. Over the Rainbow pg. 42
2. Judy Garland with Victor Young and his Orchestra
3. Pop formal design
4. 4/4quadruple simple, 4-8mm
5. Orchestra
6. Uses AABApresents two verses followed by a contrasting bridge, and a
return to the verse
7. Tempo frequently speeds up and slows down which help shape the vocal
phrases and make them more expressive
1. I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World pg. 56
2. Les Paul & Mary Ford
3. Pop
4. 2/4duple simple, with verse in 4/4quadruple simple as indicted
5. Layered electric guitars and lead vocals.
6. AABA, with three presentations of the complete verse-verse-bridge-verse
7. The highest and fastest guitar lines were recorded at half speed, creating a
chipmunk sound
Country-Western Music:
1. Can the Circle Be Unbroken pg. 17
2. The Carter Family
3. Country Western
4. 2/4duple simple, with dropped beats, 16mm
5. Acoustic guitar
6. Simple verse-chorus
7. Two female vocals and one male voice, with one female voice taking the lead
during versus and choruses sung in three part harmony
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