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NUTR 1010
Jess Haines

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Differences b/w Veg. Food Guide and CFG Fruits & veg. separated into 2 groups 1 group in CFG Protein rich foods; 2 largest of 5 arcs Smallest of 4 arcs Fat part of veg-guide No fat Rainbow divided by calcium content No such division Vitamin A - fat-soluable - group of compounds - 3 different forms of vit A: o retinol – active form of vit A in animal products  liver, fish oil, butter, eggs o retinal o retinoic acid - Functions: o Weak antioxidant o Essential to eyesight (reacts to light)  Cornea = permanent blindness  Retina = night blindness  Kids at greater risk – can’t store Vit A o Contributes to cell differentiation (immature cells to mature cells) o Maintains healthy cells in mucous membranes o W/o mucous membranes impaired
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