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NUTR 1010
Jess Haines

Vitamin Soluable Functions Too Too little Deficiency much E Fat- *prevents LDL *rare - *rare – in *premature -90% stored soluable –cholesterol diarrhea lot of infants in fat *protects or foods, *malabsorb fat -15 mg/day membrane of nausea if stored in -antioxidant red blood Vit E fat, get -salad cells pills recycled dressing, *protects cells taken -treatable nuts, of lungs soybeans, *dvpmt of egg yolk, nerves & liver muscles *absorption of Vit A C Water- *regenerates - -rare in -causes -ascorbic soluable Vit E bleeding Canada collagen acid *protects of nose - deficiency -water lungs from - reversible which causes soluable damage diarrhea scurvy -fresh fruits *assists in - nausea -weakens and veggies collagen -Vit E capillaries, -Beta- synthesis pills can damage tooth carotene *prevents damage enamel, -6-10 mg/d bruises tooth wounds fail to * ^^ immunity enamel heal *enhances absorption of non-heme iron (plant- based foods) A Fat- -weak -rare -cornea -cornea = -90% stored soluable antioxidant - can dry permanent in liver -eyesight decrease -elss blindness -retinol -immature to appetite, mucous -retina = night (active form mature cells joint by cell, blindness of Vit A in -reproduction pain, more -lung = animal -bone growth damage infection infection products)
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