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Fall 2011 Exam Review #1

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NUTR 1010
Nishan Mudalige

Folate latin for foliageWater soluble bvitaminRDA for men and women 19 years is 400 microgramsdayFound naturally in diet in leafy vegetables is the active form of folateFolic acidNaturallyoccuring food folate converted to folic acid in the body with the help of B12We also consume folic acidoIn supplements including prenatal vitaminsoIn fortied foods eg grain products such as breads and pastaWe absorb almost 100 of folic acid but only 50 folateFUNCTIONS OF FOLIC ACID active form of folatePlays a role in DNA synthesisoImportant in new cell and tissue formationoConstantly need new red blood cells therefore folate helps blood healthoCritical during rst few weeks of pregnancy when making a lot of new cells Folate is critical in the rst four weeks of pregnancyWith vitamins B6 and B12 maintains normal homocysteine levels oIt is an amino acid produced in our bodies as a biproduct of making another amino acid B12 B6 and folic acid break down homocysteine deciency of any of these increases homocysteine in bloodoHomocysteine increases blood coagulation blood clogging and LDL oxidationo10 of risk developing cardiovascular disease due to hyperhomocysteinemiaoHomocysteine may damage the walls of our blood vessels which therefore may prompt plaque formation TOO MUCH FOLATE OR FOLIC ACIDNo problems with consuming too much folate in its naturally occurring formToo much folic acid can mask vitamin B12 deciencyoBecause of this UL for folic acid is 1000 micrograms per dayoFolic acid fortied in foods causes the concern that people are consuming too much folic acid
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