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NUTR 2050
Jess Haines

Midterm Quiz Questions each student received a random sample of 20 questions correct answer in bold1What was the major change that occurred to the 2007 Canadian Food Guide compared to its previous oneaThe number of servings for each food group is now classified by age and sexbVegetables and Fruit are now the outer rainbow stripcMore culturally diverse food items are given on the food guide to account for variability in dietsdAdvice is given regarding the quality of choices within each food group ex make at least 50 grains whole grainea b and dfAll of the above2Which best describes tertiary preventionaDietitian holding a talk at the library about healthy eating and exercisebDietitian teaching a patient how to manage and prevent complications of diabetescA patient with prediabetes measuring blood glucose levels at homedFamily physician ordering an oral glucose tolerance testeAll of the above3Which of the following branches is NOT part of Health CanadaaEatRight OntariobFirst Nations and Inuit HealthcEducationdStrategic PolicyeHealth Products and food4Fertility is often compromised in women with a body mass index BMI anda1835b2030c2540d3050e35555 Conducting a selfbreast exam would be an example of which level of disease preventiona Primaryb Secondaryc Tertiaryd None of the above1
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