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Week 1/ Unit 1: Chapter 1, & 2

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PHYS 1600
Mike Massa

PHYS1600Unit Week 1Geocentric earthcentered universeCosmology the study of the formation organization and evolution of the earth22The Belief that in a SunCentered Cosmology formed SlowlyPlanet comes from Greek word wanderedDirect Motion the gradual eastward apparent motion of a planet against the background stars as seen from EarthRetrograde Motion the occasional backward that is westward apparent motion of a planet against the background stars as seen from EarthRetrograde motion is an optical illusionBoth are best understood through picturesAll planetary motions on the celestial sphere aremuch slower than the apparent daily movement of the entire sky caused by earths rotationAncient Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samsos proposed a more straightforward explanation of planetary motion that the planets revolve around the SunThe retrograde motion of Mars in a heliocentric cosmology occurs because faster moving Earth overtakes and passes MarsHeliocentric is a misleading word the Sun and the bodies that orbit it all orbit the center of our Milky Way GalaxyGuided DiscoveryEarthCentered UniverseEarth spins on its axisGravitational force of the planets is held by the sunCalled this background information a conceptual framework contains all the info we take for grantedGeocentric Explanation of the Planets Retrograde MotionPtolemy had some basic concepts1Each planet is assumed to move in a small circle epicycle the center of which moves in a larger circle is called a deferent whose center Is offset from EarthAs viewed from Earth the epicycle moves eastward along the deferent and both it and the planet on it revolve in the same direction counterclockwiseMost of the time the motion of the planet on its epicycle adds to the eastward motion of the deferentPlanet seen from earth to be direct motion to the left or eastward1However when a planet is on the part of the epicycle where its nearest earth its motion along the epicycle subtracts from the motion along the deferent
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