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Political Science
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POLS 1150
Linda Hunter

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Term Meaning Parliamentary supremacy Arule of constitutional law which gives the legislative branch of government to set the law, as opposed to the judicial branch (the courts). Socialist feminism -Women and men do not share identical experiences under capitalism because they are not equal -Women face exploitation as workers, but also sexual discrimination and oppression as women In particular, women play a huge role in the capitalist nuclear family: -Women’s private reproductive and domestic labour is crucial to ensuring capitalist have adequate supply of labour power Sex/gender systems The belief that a woman’s nature and all of her possibilities is determined by her biology Racialization It is a classification based on traits which are heredity. Therefore, when we talk about race we are talking about traits transmitted by heredity which characterize all the members of a related group. Single- Transferable Vote (STV) 1. Ballot Design- Individual candidates are marked in order of preference (1,2,3) 2. Districting- Multi-member districts usually ranging from 3-5 representatives each 3. Voting Formula- To be elected candidates must receive a certain portion of the overall vote, a quota -Votes are totaled on the basis of first choic
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