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test 2 - some answers

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Nanita Mohan

Although regulatory agencies are intended to operate at arm’s length from government, there are ways to ensure that they remain accountable to our elected officials. How is that the case? a) Through the use of enabling legislation, which establishes the structure of the agency, the limits to its authority and how it must follow procedures when considering cases NOT THE ANSWER b) The Standing Joint Committee on Regulations and Other Statutory Instruments reviews all regulations and delegated legislation c) Members of the regulatory agency are appoint by governor in council and therefore those appointed will share the views of the government d) The minister or cabinet can issue policy statements and directives to inform the regulatory agency of its preferences in a particular area e) All of the above How can we best describe Canada’s approach to public sector reform with the adoption of the New Public Management? a) More moderate and less discernible than the UK, New Zealand and Australia b) The most extreme approach in western world c) About the same as countries like the UK, New Zealand and Australia NOT THE ANSWER d) Canada never adopted New Public Management Why is the adoption of a user fee for certain public services considered to be both beneficial and necessary for governments? a) They help to raise revenues for cash strapped governments NOT THE ANSWER b) Discriminates between those citizens who can and cannot pay for the service, ensuring that only those who can pay receive the service c) User fees can alter (lower) the public demand for certain services d) A and C e) All of the above In public administration the focus is often on achieving the 3 Es(economy, efficiency and effectiveness) on the delivery of public services. What is meant by the term “economy”? a) It is a measure of the extent to which the program or activity in question actually achieves the government’s objectives b) It refers to the acquisition of the appropriate goo
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