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Political Science
POLS 2250
Nanita Mohan

Just a reminder that your final exam for this course isTHURSDAY APRIL 10th from 230430 pm at ALEX ROOM 200The final exam is divided as follows30 Multiple choice questions30 marks2 essay questions out of 4 choices20 marks eachThe Multiple choice section will ONLY cover the following chaptersChapters 12345678111213 and 20 As for the Essay question the questions are designed in such a way that you will have to merge or discuss 2 or three different issues and concepts For example I have been emphasizing on the publicadmin dichotomy so it is safe to say that there could be an essay question on this There has also been a lot of discussion on the NPM however information for NPM and the publicadmin dichotomy is not exclusive to one chapter but various chaptersThe essay questions should be approximately 34 pages double spaced I do not really like to put a page limit but this is just a guide Marks will not be taken off if you exceed or are under the page limit We are marking based on quality not quantity1 A question on NPM define its merits and shortcomings and its relation to Canadian governing system2 Politics and administration dichotomy whats the problem public servants anonymity responsibilities etc3 compare and contrast two structural theories Weber Taylor GulickUrwickthere is obviously one missing but it has nothing to do with ASD or crown corporationsThere will be 30 MPC questions and 5 options for each questionabcd and e There are a couple of questions with only 4 possible answers instead of 5 Quite a few of the questions are all of the above or which of the following type of questions so you will need to know a particular concept in detail in order to figure out the answer There are a couple of questions where you will need to know authors namesthe obvious ones such as Barker Borins OsbourneGaebler These will be taken directly from the textbook Below is an example of a possible question Which of the following isare dimensions of Horizontal Management A Mobilization of teams and networks B Development of a shared framework that addresses accountabilityC Building supportive structures to underpin the effort at horizontal managementD Maintaining a momentum of short term and long term initiativesE All of the Abovehttpsdocsgooglecomdocumentd1bcVhWYTGmqnVsXcRANiiiOyyDC5WmN3W1gBqRzPhDoeditChapter 1What is public administration Importance and meaning of public administration Governmental activitieso Traditional functions of administration of justice Conduct of external relations Defence of the country Heath care Environmental protection Scientific research Federal public servantso Control and inspect air traffic Protect coastal waterways against pollution and overfishing Guard prisoners in penitentiaries and rehabilitate offenders Protect our health and safety by inspecting food water air and medicine etcTwo major areas of government activities provision of services and the enforcement of regulationso Services such as delivery of mail road and highway maintenance etcRegulatory functions such as prevention of unsafe workplaces etcPublic administrators play a large role in formulating and implanting policies to fulfill their governments service and regulatory responsibilitiesTheir responsibilities are performed through public bureaucracy an organized system for achieving government objectivesElected representatives especially political executives eg cabinet ministers city mayors participate actively in the making of public policiesPublic policy an action of decision made by government to address a particular problemThe Meaning of Public AdministrationPublic administrationrefers to field of practice or occupation and to a field of study or disciplinePublic bureaucracya system of authority people offices and methods an organization form that government uses to achieve its objectives it is the means why which the practice of public administration is carried on and it is the main focus of the study public administrationWorkable definition of public administration the public civil or civic service including all matters of concern within itself all matters which impinge on it and all matters on which it impingesPublic Administration versus Private AdministrationPublic Administration goal is to service the publicResults from the need for bureaucrats to assist elected politicians to respond to public demands and requirements for government servicesOperates less efficiently than private because they are trying to satisfy several goals at once instead of one goal profitFunding provided thus less incentive to cut costs and operate efficientlyMost public admin is monopolistic eg police so citizens dont have a choice among competing organizations Politicians are first and foremost concerns with winning public supportGreat emphasis on accountability because all of us are forced to contribute to the government financially taxes thus we expect some say in matters and greater accountability Human resources management system is much more complicated and rigidharder to hire and firePublic nature requires that much of public administration be conducted in a fishbowl of publicity subject to public scrutinyPrivate Administration goal is to make a profitService orientation profitoriented because survival of private sector organizations ultimately depends on making a profitOperate efficiently to be competitive in marketplaceEnvironment and size of public administration1 GlobalizationMove to a global economy characterized by worldwide markets for investment production distribution and consumptionForces governmentsbureaucratic agencies to be creative in order to remain competitive in the new global marketplaceRequires governments to act differently faster etc2 Technological changeNew technology facilitates better access to government services and makes it simpler for citizens to communicate with their governmentsTechnology makes services possibleeg efficient highway tollingEgovernmentmakes government faster more innovative and more effectivesPotential for invasions of privacy3 Political culturePolitical culturevalues beliefs and attitudes we hold about political life People are less confident in governmentShift in attitude due to higher levels of education and affluence the disappointing performance of governments and shifting constitutional arrangements4 Financial positionPublic spending exceeded available revenues leading to greater deficitDealt with this by privatization elimination of programs etc5 DemographyChanging age composition 13 of Canadians over 65 projected to rise in 2012 when baby boomers turn 65Demand for health housing and human resources for the elderly will increase6 Legacy of Past ReformsPrevious reforms provide grounds for bettering governmentThere is recognition for change in the public service but this change is difficult to achieveSize of the Public ServiceSubstantial growth in public expenditure and number of government employeesTotal government expenditures as a percentage of the gross domestic product doubled
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