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Political Science
POLS 3130
Dennis Baker

Supreme Court AppointmentsOfficially appointed by the GovernorGeneral on advice of Minister of JusticePrime Minister o Practicing lawyer for at least ten years or s96 court judge o By law Supreme Court Act 3 judges must come from Quebec Supreme Court Appointments 18751949Supreme court is not the final court of appeal in this periodRegional representation was still important in this periodGroup representation FrenchEnglish andor religion of the applicant and patronage have changed significantly since that time o Frank Anglin He was from Irish descent Roman Catholic He reminded the federal government that they were losing support in Ontario and if they appointed Irish person they will gain support and that he is a good candidate He was from Ontario and his family had long worked for the liberal party Anglin got his wish and he was appointed to Supreme Court Was this a fair appointment o Since 1954 there have been no appointments based on PatronageSupreme Court Appointments Post1949 o These factors have declined when considering the selection of Supreme Court JudgesPatronageReligion o Present important factors for the selectionRegionGroup Representation gender 1982 first female Supreme Court justice Now we have 4 ethnicity sexual orientation FrenchEnglishIdeology
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