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Chu Hsi extremely focused on the metaphysical aspect of things and conceptual basis of thinking. In order to achieve enlightenment a person needs to combine thinking and action Knowledge and action always need to be combined together Enlightenment can be achieved when an individual actively seeks knowledge. He believed that you must investigate idea/events, mediate upon them and then investigate them some more. Only when one has come completely knowledgeable will they be enlightened. Chi-Tsang On the other hand Chi-Tsang rules out metaphysical assertions and conceptual basis of thinking as a way of enlightenment. He believes they are erroneous and out to be rejected he argues that in order to achieve enlightenment you must go beyond the “right” and the “wrong”, “true” and “false” and see the empty nature of things When philosophers use conceptual thinking they are belonging to the realm of being and therefore also the realm of nothing. The realm of being and nothing are unintelligible Reality must be something beyond being and nothingness true wisdom is the abandonment of these views enlightened men should discard conceptualization so as to avoid being taken by this trick emptiness is medicine to cure the philosophical disease Hui-Neng believed in sudden enlightenment as opposed to Chi-Tsang who believed in gradual enlightenment he too believed that one can only achieve enlightenment through the abondment of
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