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They", the agents of the government, are entitled to use force, in the form of the armed forced or the police, to guarantee obedience. In the end, on the night of 3 june 1989, the tanks moved into tiananmen. In east germany that autumn, the situation was confused: there had been a series of major street demonstrations calling for change, in leipzig, where the numbers of people demonstrating rose from. Schabowski"s words that we had come to an arrangement whereby citizens of the gdr were permitted to travel to west berlin or the frg without any preconditions there is no possibility of leaving the country under these conditions. Germany and indeed from further afield travelled to berlin to see for themselves: andreas ramos, a dane, writes, i stood with several east german guards, their rifles slung over their shoulders. I asked them if they had bullets in those things. From some houses, someone had set up loudspeakers and played.