POLS 2000 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Coherence Theory, Free-Market Anarchism, Enlightened Despotism

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First- order theorizing: political philosophizing (the tendency towards scientific explanation as the only valid form of knowledge in reference to behaviouralism in the us and logical positivism in britain) (b&k 5) Second-order theorizing: studying the works of political philosophers (b&k 5) End of history" thesis: all societies would be propelled by economic forces into governing themselves in roughly the same way (m) It was largely the creation of historians of political thought themselves. (b&k 3) Attributed to robert blakey"s history of political literature from the. Interpretation: interpretation is always from a standpoint because we are born into a world of inherited meanings, and we take with us a fore structure of meanings, or prejudices, when we read texts. The act of interpretation entails a fusion of horizons. (in reference to classic text) interpretation is not a matter of choice. Order: a hierarchy of goods, rising from the protection of life to the promotion of the highest type of life.

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