POLS 2200 Study Guide - Groupthink

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13 Apr 2014

Document Summary

Flawed decision making process: (1) time pressures, rushed the decision before thinking it through, (2) newness of the kennedy administration was a problem, haven"t worked together long enough and don"t know each other"s strengths/weaknesses, (3) too much security, tried to restrict who was in on the decision to a small group but left out experts within the administration, (4) worried about status, thought that some of kennedy"s advisors were too worried about their status to stand up to the president and tell him it was a bad idea. Administration flaws: (1) time pressures kennedy administration had months to think about the invasion, had been planning it for so long, (2) newness a number of kennedy"s key advisors were one"s he had retained from the previous republican administration, therefore they had worked together before, (3) status doesn"t argue much about this but doesn"t understand how people didn"t think that them not saying anything wouldn"t ruin their status.