POLS 2300 Study Guide - Final Guide: Meech Lake Accord, Quebec Sovereignty Movement, Patriation Reference

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History (john a. mcdonald- racist and drunk. 1982 canada reclaiming its constitution, charter of rights and freedoms. Textbook wants you aware of these things, only 2-3 people in our class really care or follow. Traditional sources of news such as ctv, cbc and globe and mail and toronto star. Will say nothing about left wing government until they are elected. Toronto star said trudeau and wynn were one of god until actually elected. Traditional faces of news really have no difference between the anchors. Old white balding males, mostly for a common audience- does not appeal to youth. These faces are supposed to build trust (trust newspapers, politicians, shows. First nations have a crappy standard of living. We aren"t better than usa"s views as they have gun violence while we have drug issues and suicide in reserves. For canada to make world news, it has to be an epic disaster or things like rob ford smoking crack.

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