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Central questions: (cid:498)bananas, beaches and bases(cid:499) by enloe (cid:498)feminism without borders(cid:499) by mohanty. For ex; argentina during years of dictatorship in 70s and 80s it was illegal for people to gather in groups anywhere (esp public places). Within these structural constraints it would be hard to organize political protests. But structure doesn(cid:495)t always limit individual action that can be taken some can be women(cid:495)s(cid:495) abilities liberating. Enloe talks a lot about structure, and mentions agency specifically. Looks at the way the international system, patriarchy, economic system, etc. limit. Ex of women in guatemala who joined a church, fundamentalist religion. In these rural communities there was high rates of alcoholism, violence, low edu rates. Led to poor quality of life for those women, so they realized when they joined the church, even though their concerned w patriarchal societies. Not egalitarian model, but when women joined the church they could convince their husbands to join, which convinced the men to stop drinking/violence.

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