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Fraud the theft of money, goods or services by a person in a public position. Bribery offering or accepting illegal payment of money, goods or services. Influence-peddling accepting an advantage or non-monetary benefit in. Lying deliberately misleading the public, as in the reasons given by u. s. Nepotism a variation of patronage hiring or giving business to one"s. Cronyism another form of patronage hiring or giving business to one"s: e. g. The appointment of mila mulroney"s hairdresser rinaldo to the. Toll-gating a practice in which a person or company receiving a. Patronage can be extremely corrupt, even illegal (e. g. sponsorship scandal) government contract is expected to remit a percentage of the proceeds to the party in power: e. g. Senate appointments are patronage appointments when they are given to the party faithful; the sponsorship affair was essentially a relatives board of a federal agency services rendered or anticipated.

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