POLS 3440 Quiz: QUIZ 1 POLS 3440

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Published on 14 Jun 2020
1. Who was the journalist who first discovered the Sponsorship
a) Daniel Leblanc
b) Harvey Cashore
c) Mike Duffy
d) Rex Murphy
2. Who was Wanda Liczyk?
a) Chief financial officer of the city of Toronto.
b) Civic official in charge of IT at time of the leasing scandal.
c) She directed business to her lover, Michael Saunders, a
software salesman.
d) All of the above.
3. Who said the Liberals broke "just about every rule in the book" in
Sponsorship Scandal?
a) Judge John Gomery.
b) Conservative leader Stephen Harper.
c) Auditor General Sheila Fraser.
d) Prime Minister Paul Martin.
4. Who was Tom Jakobek?
a) Liberal organizer implicated in the Sponsorship Scandal.
b) Toronto councillor and budget chief.
c) Lover of Wanda Liczyk.
d) Coach of Toronto Maple Leafs.
5. When Dash Domi took $25,000 in new $1,000 bills to the
underground parking garage at Toronto City Hall, who did he give
it to?
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a) Mayor Mel Lastman.
b) Chief financial officer Wanda Liczyk.
c) Judge Denise Bellamy.
d) Councillor Tom Jakobek.
6. Who was Lord Byng of Vimy?
a) The British jurist who led the inquiry into the Profumo scandal.
b) Governor General of Canada at the time of the Customs
c) The author of the Pentagon Papers.
d) The leader of a popular rock band in the 1960s.
7. Match the following jurists with the scandal inquires they
a) Jeffrey Oliphant - Airbus Scandal
b) Wishart Spence - Munsinger Scandal
c) David McDonald - RCMP Security Service Scandal
d) John Gomery - Sponsorship Scandal
8. Who was prime minister at the time of the Munsinger Scandal?
a) Jean Chrétien.
b) Brian Mulroney
c) Lester Pearson
d) John Diefenbaker
9. Who was the journalist who spent more than a decade
investigating the Airbus affair?
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Who was the journalist who first discovered the sponsorship. Services committed in quebec in the early 1970s, according to a. Royal commission: break-ins, illegal mail-openings and wiretapping. c)spying on politicians, all of the above, which b. c. premier was forced to resign in the wake of the. Which party was it: social credit, liberal, ndp, conservative. The montreal group head shipping magnate and the richest man in canada. The prime minister of the day was a liberal, King-byng he encouraged liquor trafficking by promoting a bootlegger to the top position in the customs service in. King"s minister of customs and excise, a politician from. Prime minister conservative party 1930 party girl who engaged in intimate relations with one, and perhaps two, married. Pierre sevigny, who was the associate minister of national defence in john diefenbaker"s cabinet. German-canadian businessman with murky connections to the political right in europe and a taste for influence and money in.

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