POLS 3470 Study Guide - Blue-Collar Worker, Social Stratification, Meritocracy

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Dimensions of social inequality: birth presents advantages & opportunities on some people that others who are less fortunate could never imagine, canada known to have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Income: occupational wages or salaries, earnings from investments, and government transfer payments: avg. family income in 2004 was ,000 & rose since 1985, canada"s income more equitably distributed, than the us, Richer are getting richer, poor are getting poorer. Wealth: the total amount of money & other assets minus outstanding debts: comes in form of stocks, bonds, real estate and other privately owned property is distributed even less evenly than income. Income is 1 component of wealth- canada doesn"t measure or tax wealth, but the us does. & some argue that while the rich have some advantages, they do not dominate the political process. Pink ghetto jobs: lower status and poorly paid jobs.

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