POPM 3240 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Case Fatality Rate, Cluster Sampling, Nonprobability Sampling

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Counts: a simple representation of a number of events/outcomes of interest ! Ratios: a dimensionless, unit-less comparison of one count to another! Proportions: ratio where number is included in the denominator ! Risks: proportions that express the probability that something will occur ! Rates: expresses the occurrence of an event/outcome in a de ned population in a speci ed period of time; can be considered a measure of speed ! Morbidity: refers to a diseased state & often considers the burden of disease, such as sickness or impairment (i. e. disease that causes a lot of pain = highly morbid)! Mortality: refers to death (i. e. disease that quickly leads to death = high mortality rate)! Prevalence: the # of existing cases of a disease divided by the number of people in the population at that time ! Incidence: dynamic measure of disease/outcome occurrence over time!

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