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psych 1100 final exam notes - summary of all the lecture notes.docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Hank Davis

Psychology 1100 Lecture summaries2011 Hank DavisNatalie Hamilton Pop psychFreud psychdear Abby makes big deal of hidden actions slips of tongue and says our unconscious is trying to tell us something has quick easy answers to everythingscientific psychinvolves description prediction and controlHOW we do not WHAT we doFalsifiabilityis the view stated in a way that can be tested is there any evidence that can falsify the view what sort of evidence can lead to the rejection of the belief science is selfcorrecting and doubt is a good thing although people see it as negative plural of antidote is note evidencejust because more than one person has said theyve seen a ghost doesnt mean ghost exist Astrology horoscopes very board and can apply to anyone gullibility killsheterodox holding orthodox beliefsthe people you chose when doing research should be a wide range of people Three types of research1 aDescriptive methodssurveysquestionaries bObservationalfield studieswatch and take notesHeisenberg uncertainty principle cant observe something without changing it Observers bias and reliability of sample observer always a predesigned bias2 Correlational Studiesprediction vs explanation interested in relationship between two things ie height and weight explains strength and depth of relationship 100 perfect positive correlation 068 positive correlation 032 weak positive correlation 000 no correlation 032 weak negative correlation 068 negative correlation 100 perfect negative correlationnegative correlations are useful and VERY predictable large negative correlation is always most predictable 3 Experimental Studiesgroup comparisonsexperiment 50 boys 50 boys injected with estrogen who gets higher IQ scores 1 Independent variablesdelivery of estrogen2 Dependent variablesscore on IQ test 3 Control groupsperhaps what we should do is everyone gets an injection so its equal4 Statistical inference double lined procedure neither the experimenter or the volunteer know which they are
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