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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

October 1, 2012 Module 7 & 17 Cognitive Neuroscience - fMRI evidence for awareness in vegetative patients… - disorders of consciousness following brain damage o DF & other blind sight (a person that has sight, despite their blindness) patients o DF  Damage to her eyes  Blind  Give her a card and put a slot in front of her, which can move around  She must move the card around, and put the card in the slot  She is very good at this test  We have different processing centers Vegetative Patients - motor imagery – imagine playing tennis when answer is yes - asking a patient a question, and they must respond using their motor imagery Selective and Divided Attention - divided attention – multi-tasking - consequence of selectively attending to one thing: o blindness to other things Inattention Blindness - miss something right in field of vision if you are not looking for it Change Blindness - blind to changes that occur at scene cuts or during eye movements -
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