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PSYC 1000
Lisa Giguere

Final Review for Psychology Lecture 2Psychology is study of understanding mental process through scientific methodObserve and make guesses Stimuli results in imagery and sensations for example Smelling a FlowerStructuralism view of the minds structureFunctionalism what functions do human thoughts and feelings serve How might they help usPerception are skewed by BiasIntrospectionAvailability Neuron system imagine greatest possible answer random rare events do happen but its hard for us to fathom the likelihood Biases HindsightI knew it all alongSingle caseMy uncle bob Scientific MethodGoal of it to understand the phenomenon even if it means putting aside your own ideasAttitudeCuriosity Skepticism HumilitySteps Observation hypothesis can be true or false data collection analysis and repetitionObservational Definition Definition of how variable is conventionalized and how they differSupport is not proofIt suggest it does not proveTheory an explanation using integrated set of principles that organizes observations that predicts behaviour or events Lecture 03Research goalstypesdescription observation variables x and yCorrelation association between x and yPredictionExperiments is variable x having causal effect on variable yCausation Descriptive MethodsCase Study Observing information to compile and indepth study of one individualNaturalistic observation recording behaviour in the natural environment without control manipulationSurvey Correlation MethodsPositive and negative correlationCorrelation coefficient measure of variables in direction and strength1 to 1Correlation is not causation Control GroupGroup that is exact same despite one changed factorRandom assignment of participants allows for controlExternal Variable outside variables ProblemsExperimenter biasSolution is double blind procedurePlacebo effect solved by double blind Lecture 04 Measure of VariationRangeDifference between highest and lowest score in a distribution Standard deviation calculation of the average distance of the score from the meanHave many data pointsIs the difference significantly differentIs it a flukeResearchers usually use 5 as a criteria Purpose of PsychologyHuman mind and brain are one Components of NeuronDendrites info is received from other neurons Cell Body contains nucleolus and decides activationAxon conducts nerve impulsesMyelin Sheath covers neurons and isolates neuron impulsesTerminal button communicate with next neuron How neurons workAction potential a neural impulse that travels through the terminal buttons by the axon and generates a moving positive and negative charge akin to a waveResting potential receive signals from other neuronsWhen enough say go threshold is reached results indepolarization ie firingRefractory period its always the same intensity signal strength equals frequencyHyper polarization eg pain medication Synapse synaptic gap Neuro Transmitters
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