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University of Guelph
PSYC 1010
Harvey Marmurek

Chapter 7 Raw Scores, z Scores, and Percentages Step 1: convert raw score to z score Step 2: look up area in Table B1 when you look up a number in the table in the % part it tells you the *area between mean and z* -the table presents area between the mean and z and beyond the mean and z To convert to a Raw Score rd -if the population mean is 500 and the standard deviation is 100 and the z is 0.33 (or 63 % tile) x=z(SD) + population mean x= 0.33 (100) + 500 = 33+500 =533 Z Table and Means -need to calculate standard error because variability is smaller for distribution of means than for distribution of scores example: A sample with N=36 has a mean = 533 from a population with a mean = 500 and standard deviation = 100 whats the z score? -standard error = 100/6 (square root of N) = 16.67 -z = (533-500) / 16.67 = 33/16.67 = 1.98 -percentile is 97.61(47.61 between 0 and z score – saw this on the table) Parametric v. Nonparametric Tests parametric tests: inferential statistical test based on assumptions about a population (making assumpt
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