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University of Guelph
PSYC 2040
David Stanley

Page 1 of 9 PSYC 2040 Sample Exam Questions Weights for each section are approximate and may not reflect the actual weights on your exam. PART I [25 marks] 1) A ‘completely randomized factorial design’ implies that a) data are collected for all possible combinations of levels of the independent variables b) a non-parametric test will be used c) a within-subjects design will be used d) no interaction terms are significant e) there is only one independent variable 2) When performing an independent-samples t-test, you reject the null hypothesis if a) the value of t is less than the ‘critical value’ shown in statistical tables b) the mean of the second group is larger than the mean of the first group c) the mean of the first group is larger than the mean of the second group d) the probability of obtaining such a large value of t if the null hypothesis is true is less than your chosen value of alpha 3) When performing a one-way independent groups analysis of variance it is necessary to assume that the ____________ is the same at each level of the betw een- subject factor. a) Mean of the scores b) Variance of the scores c) Number of participants d) Significance Page 2 of 9 PART II [50 marks] A social psychologist was interested in determining if Americans gained weight over the Thanksgiving holiday season. After conducting substantial research on the topic of weight gain he concluded that when the holiday season arrives individuals often feel a cultural “license to sin” in that they can, because of the holidays, release themselves from their normal caloric monitoring. That factor, combined with greater frequency of large meals, led him to hypothesize there would be a weight gain over the holidays for both men and women. He had a total of 10 participants (5 male, 5 female). Participants came into his lab 2 days before th e holiday seasons and had their weight measured in pounds. Two days after the holiday season they returned to the lab and had their weight measured again. 1) What type of test should be conducted? 2) Write a full and complete APA style results section based on the SPSS output. Be sure to describe (1) how men’s weight changed over the holiday season and (2) how women’s weight changed over the holiday season. Note: You may report SD instead of SE in this report. Sample PSYC 3320 Exam Questions PSYC*2040 Exam: Part II SPSS Output Within-Subjects Factors Measure: MEASURE_1 Time Dependent Variable 1 T1 2 T2 Between-Subjects Factors N 1.00 5 Gender 2.00 5 Descriptive Statistics Gender Mean Std. Deviation N 1.00 180.0000 28.06243 5 T1 2.00 104.2000 9.17606 5 Total 142.1000 44.53575 10 1.00 190.8000 28.31431 5 T2 2.00 103.8000 7.36206 5 Total 147.3000 49.82871 10 Sample PSYC 3320 Exam Questions Box's Test of Equality of Covariance Matrices a Box's M 6.514 F 1.583 df1 3 df2 11520.000 Sig. .191 Tests the null hypothesis that the observed covariance matrices of the dependent variables are equal across groups. a. Design: Intercept + Gender Within Subjects Design: Time Sample PSYC 3320 Exam Questions a Multivariate Tests Effect Value F Hypothesis df Error df Sig. Partial Eta Squared Pillai's Trace .750 24.036b 1.000 8.000 .001 .750 b Wilks' Lambda .250 24.036 1.000 8.000 .001 .750 Time Hotelling's Trace 3.004 24.036b 1.000 8.000 .001 .750 b Roy's Largest Root 3.004 24.036 1.000 8.000 .001 .750 Pillai's Trace .777 27.876b 1.000 8.000 .001 .777 b Wilks' Lambda .223 27.876 1.000 8.000 .001 .777 Time * Gender Hotelling's Trace 3.484 27.876b 1.000 8.000 .001 .777 b Roy's Largest Root 3.484 27.876 1.000 8.000 .001 .777 a. Design: Intercept + Gender Within Subjects Design: Time b. Exact statistic Mauchly's Test of Sphericity a Measure: MEASURE_1 Within Subjects Effect Mauchly's W Approx. Chi- df Sig.
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