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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

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Review Session 2 March 5 2013RD DO GIRL FROM CHINAS STUDY ONLINESONATHATS THE 3 CREDITITS BONUS Chapter 7 Persuasion11 questions o ELM elaboration likelihood model o Factors influencing persuasionSource of message has influence on persuasionStealing the thunder is one of the techniques that are usedPresent argument that not going to help your argument but by doing so you in fact appear to be more credibleused in law oftenResisting persuasionSubliminal processingMessage has influence on behaviour and attitude and not even aware of itit has influenced subconsciouslyresearcher presents message rapidly so you cannot think about it carefullyPRACTICE QUESTION 1 REGGIE GIVES A SPEECH ON WELFARE WHEN HE LATER HEARS A PERSUASIVE MESSAGE AGAINST WELFARE HE IS BETTER ABLE TO RESIST THE PERSUASION CALLED INOCULTATION chapter 8 Social Influence 11 questions o descriptive vs injunctive normso information vs normative social influencestudies discussing information vs normative socialknow the studies and experiments what they have found o inducing compliancereciprocity doorintheface and thatsnotallconsistency footinthedoor similar to doorinface but used in a business setup and lowballingscarcity deadline hardtogetwe associate this with better quality Milgrams study PRACTICE QUESTION 2 DEFINING PERSONAL SPACE IS AN EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL NORMSchapter 9 Group Processes11 questions o influence of group on memberssocial facilitation social loafing group polarizationpeople in group tend to make decisions that are more extreme then if they make that decision on their ownthey become polarized very rightwing or very leftwingleadership and women leaderswomen leader behave differently then male leadersdifferent expectations and
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