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PSYC 2310 Final: Psych*2310 - Review for Exam

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Psych*2310 - Review for Exam Info - April 17 - 2:30-4:30 - ROZH 104 - Pencil and student card - Chapters 5,7,9,10,12,13, & 14 - including all materials associated with each chapter in Wiley Plus - read online textbook not hardcopy - Lecture materials since midterm: 13 lectures - 120 questions on final exam - 60 questions from textbook • 8 from 5,7,9,10 • 7 from 11,12,13,14 - 60 questions from lectures • 5 from: persuasion, group behaviour, crowd behaviour, intergroup behaviour, altruism, aggression, • 4 from: culture of persuasion, pro social behaviour across culture, violence across culture, attraction Chapter 5: Social Cognition - Definitions: primacy, self-schemas, availability heuristic, base-rate fallacy, counterfactual thinking - research on influence of perception on reality - research on field independent, field dependent, and self-construal - Question 1:A- Counterfactual thinking Chapter 7: Persuasion - Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) - Factors influencing persuasion: 1 Tuesday, April 4, 2017 • stealing the thunder - Resisting Persuasion - Subliminal Processing - Question 2: B - Inoculation Chapter 9: Group Processes - influence of group on members - social facilitation - social loafing - being part of a group creates a sense of arousal, but also relaxes people because they believe it is always someone else job to do anything - group polarization • become more extremist - leadership and women leaders • not gender or cultural neutral • culture and getter influence leadership style - Social Dilemmas (e.g., common resource dilemma, prisoner’s dilemma) - Question 4:A- you cannot persuade people Chapter 10: Intergroup Relations - influence of group on members - De-individuation - Zimbardo’s Study - Riot in Vancouver in 2011 - Social identity theory - Question 4: C - Social Identity Theory Chapter 11: Stereotypes - factors contributing to stereotype and prejudice: social categorization, social learning, cognitive biases 2 Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - research on stereotype threat - Different types of stereotypes • ex. benevolent sexism - patronizing view of women - Strategies for voiding stereotypes and prejudice - Question 5: C - illusory correlation Chapter 12:Aggression - theories of aggression: instinct, genetics, social learning, frustration, deprivation - strategies to reducing aggression - culture and aggression - question 6:
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