PSYC 2310 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Neuropsychology, Brainstem, Sampling Bias

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7 major perspectives on behaviour: biological perspective: To be psychological something must first be physiological. Lags behind other perspectives in psych because technology had to catch up. Influenced by: discoveries of brain-behaviour relations: lashley (1950"s), penfield (1970"s) Once they finished the maze he removed part of their brain to see if they could still complete it. Removing their hypo cantus prevented them completing the maze. He was able to map different brain areas to different behaviours: penfield. : he did brain surgery on patients with epilepsy, kept them awake awake and stimulated different parts of the cerebral cortex to see what happened and which parts of the brain could be removed. He saw consistency among different groups of people: darwin"s evolutionary theory: natural selection, darwin: more desirable or could cause males to battle other males for females. 2 main traits that help reproductive success; a trait can make someone: behaviour genetics: selective breeding & twin studies.

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